Former adviser to Trump: US president sided with Putin

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Former Donald Trump associate John Bolton has written a book about his work with the American leader. According to him, he did not want to take measures “against Russian aggression.” The US administration is demanding a ban on the sale of Bolton’s memoirs, claiming that they have a lot of classified information, the Independent.

Former senior assistant to Donald Trump concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin must have “laughed” at his American counterpart after the 2018 Helsinki summit.

Trump’s former national security adviser, John Bolton, wrote about this in his book, due out next week – unless the federal judge bans its sale, as the Trump administration sued the author, claiming that the book has a lot of secret information.

Among other things, Bolton claims that Trump did not want to take measures against Russian aggression against the United States and its interests. The author almost does not explain his conclusions about the feelings of the American leader, which he feels for Russia and Putin.

Nevertheless, Bolton provides an opportunity to understand how White House assistants reacted to the Trump and Putin summit in Helsinki, which took place in 2018. There, Trump sided with the Russian leader and opposed the findings of his own special services about Moscow’s interference in the 2016 US elections.

“This is not the way to build relations with Russia, and Putin must have laughed out loud about how easily he managed everything in Helsinki,” wrote Bolton, whose words are quoted by the Washington Post, which received a signal copy of the book.

The administration in its lawsuit claims that Bolton’s book contains classified information and admits that it did not pass a full state security check. However, some American media outlets that have received a copy of the book report that individual locations in which Bolton quotes Trump directly have been removed by federal security officials.

On Monday, the president himself blamed his third national security adviser, who left the White House because of a difficult relationship with Trump. True, neither he nor his team, apparently, are yet familiar with the contents of the book.

“I think he will have problems with the law. “I hope so,” the president told reporters about Bolton and the Simon & Schuster publishing house, which will release the book next week. “Maybe he is telling a lie. He’s a famous liar.”

Officials from the White House began calling Bolton’s conservative hawk, with whom they had once worked together, the “scribe of Bolton.”


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