Forecasters predicted the emergence of a “thermal dome” over the Arctic

(ORDO NEWS) — A vast area of ​​high pressure, often called the “thermal dome”, will form over the Arctic Ocean next week and accelerate the melting of sea ice, meteorologist of the Finnish Institute of Meteorology Mika Rantanen told RIA.

“The forecast of the European Center for Medium-Range Forecasts (ECMWF) shows that a vast high-pressure area will appear over the Arctic Ocean next week. Blocking highs, or” thermal domes “, are characterized by warm air masses and clear skies, which accelerates the melting of sea ice,” – said Rantanen.

As the meteorologist explained, the appearance of a “thermal dome” with a high degree of probability was promoted by the high-pressure region that is observed over Siberia.

“A stationary anticyclone is forming over the Arctic, and this will provoke a rapid melting of the ice cover. This is true because the sun does not set behind the Arctic Circle and there is an intensive supply of sun rays, which contribute to the melting of ice. Active melting of many years of ice is a consequence of global change climate that occurs in high latitudes. This phenomenon has been observed for more than a year,” confirmed RIA the findings of a colleague, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center, Roman Wilfand.


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