Forcibly returned to civilization, the hermit returned to the island

(ORDO NEWS) — Masafumi Nagasaki, a pensioner from Japan, has lived for 29 years on the small uninhabited island of Sotopanari, which is located in the Ryukyu archipelago.

In 2018, the hermit was forced to return to civilization again due to government intervention. Over the past four years, it has become clear that a man who is already 89 years old is simply not able to adapt to unusual conditions for him. In this regard, the man was still allowed to return to the island on which he spent many years.

The hermit was found quite by accident by Alvaro Cerezo while exploring remote islands located in the archipelago. It happened in 2014.

The scientist was engaged in the study of the islands after he received an order from the Docastaway company, which provides clients with extreme recreation services.

They can organize everything necessary so that everyone can feel like Robinson Crusoe without any problems.

Docastaway representatives deliver their clients to incredibly beautiful corners of our planet so that they can spend a week there in complete solitude.

The specialist was very surprised when he found that one of the islands is not empty and people have been living there for almost 30 years.

Cerezo decided to live with Masafumi for a few days. All this time, the man walked around the beautiful tropical island completely without clothes.

Alvaro felt that it was not worth talking to anyone about the strange hermit who left all his relatives and friends to be completely alone.

Literally three years later, the researcher’s decision changed and he nevertheless decided that it was worth publishing an interview that he had conducted on the island with Masafumi.

After a while, he very much regretted this decision. The Japanese authorities felt that the hermit should be immediately returned to civilization.

The researcher felt guilty that Masafumi had been taken from his island. After so many years of loneliness, the move was perceived very badly – the man panicked and felt fear, because much was completely new to him.


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