Forced models to participate in orgies and take drugs: the secrets of the founder of Playboy magazine are revealed

(ORDO NEWS) — Hugh Hefner founded Playboy magazine. He threw incredible parties in his rich mansion, and also very skillfully manipulated those models who lived with him. He forced them to participate in numerous orgies, as well as to take drugs.

About the entrepreneur’s secrets, which shocked many people, a documentary series called “Playboy Secrets” was filmed some time ago. The film work included 10 episodes. The series is scheduled to premiere on January 24 on A&E.

There is information that Hefner believed that all models are his direct property. He, along with other VIP members of Playboy nightclubs, forced the girls to do all sorts of orders that only they wanted. To some extent, the models were the real hostages.

They were regularly raped and forced to take drugs. Some of the girls even began to think about committing suicide. At the same time, it all started with the fact that the models were very beautifully looked after, so that they believed that they were part of a huge and friendly family.

The former model talked about how they were regularly forced to have group sex and this happened at least five nights every week. It is worth noting that Hugh Hefner was directly involved in writing the script. He also acted as a director.

The woman, who previously served as an executive assistant, noted that Hefner himself was also a drug addict and took a fairly large dose of amphetamine every day. At the same time, he forced the models to take a special drug, which they called the “leg spreader”. After him, the girls easily agreed to do absolutely everything that they were asked about.

Parties were held regularly at the Playboy founder’s mansion until his last days. Hefner died at the end of September 2017. At that time he was 92 years old. The year before, he had sold his estate to the general manager of Metropoulos & Co. Darren Metropoulos.

The mansion was valued at $100 million. The contract stated that Hefner would be able to continue to live on this estate until his death, but at the same time every year he would pay a million dollars for its maintenance.


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