For unknown reasons, elephants are massively killed in South Africa

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Over the course of a month, something strange has happened in Botswana, located in South Africa. Elephants began to die in huge numbers, and experts to this day can not establish the causes of what is happening. At the moment, experts only know that people in this incident are not involved.

The authorities of Botswana, which faced a difficult situation, say that almost 170 elephants have died in the last month. The first dead individual was discovered on May 11, and since then the cause of her death has not been established. After that, the corpses of animals, some of which had already begun to decompose, began to be found in different parts of the savannah.

Not a single individual died as a result of an attack by poachers, since neither bullets nor other traces of violent death were found in the corpses. In addition, animal tusks remained in place.

Samples from the found dead elephants were sent for examination to the veterinary laboratory in order to prove or refute food poisoning. But since quarantine was removed there only some time ago, the samples are still being checked. Local authorities, in turn, say that poisoning cannot be the cause of the death of elephants, because in this case other animals would have started to die.

They also added that the death was not provoked by anthrax, because at this time of the year the disease is not active. The media says that this has not happened for several decades.

Some media outlets, in turn, claim that local authorities may hide something from the public. Moreover, according to expert reports, it becomes clear that the elephants died suddenly right along the road. This is indicated by the position of the dead carcasses.


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