For the first time in US history, two women succeeded the US president during his speech

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — For the first time in US history, two women sat behind the US president during his major political speech to Congress on Wednesday evening, namely Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

This is an unprecedented phenomenon that accompanied other historical events.

Because of the pandemic, this important annual meeting in US politics was held in front of a limited audience with masks.

Biden spoke at the Congress, which supporters of former President Donald Trump tried to storm him on January 6, and he referred to the bloody attack.

“As we meet here this evening, scenes of violent crowds attacking the Capitol and tarnishing our democracy are still stuck in our minds,” he said, heading to parliamentarians who had to flee the Capitol wearing gas masks.

He added at the end of his speech, “The insurgency was an existential crisis and a test to see if our democracy will hold, and indeed it has.”

Biden began his speech, stressing the historic character of the evening, saying: “Madam Speaker (Nancy Pelosi) and Madam Vice President (Kamala Harris)” to loud applause. “No president had uttered these words before,” he added. “The time has come for that.”

The 81-year-old Leader of the Democrats in Congress has attended numerous presidential speeches.

She raised eyebrows in February 2020 when the transcript of Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech was torn off in front of the cameras.

But with Kamala Harris sitting next to her for the first time, the two officials made their mark in the 245 years of American history.

Harris, 56, the daughter of immigrants of Indian and Jamaican descent, is a former senator and former attorney general, the first female vice president of the United States.

“Like many women, I feel proud now to represent us. This should have happened a long time ago,” Barbara Lee, a Democratic representative in the House, wrote in a tweet.

– The abyss of rebellion –

Joe Biden delivered his speech in a calm tone to about 200 parliamentarians and a few members of his administration, in stark contrast to the speeches of his predecessor Donald Trump, and with the atmosphere of this large annual meeting as well as the great political speeches, delivered over the course of forty years in front of about 1500 invited guests who usually sit on the seats of the Council. Representatives are in an excited atmosphere upon their arrival, followed by a sober silence interrupted by thunderous applause.

On a balcony free of invitees, Biden Gill’s wife sat this time at a distance from Douglas Imhof, Kamala Harris’ husband, due to the Corona virus.

Recalling the year that saw the outbreak of the Corona virus, the resounding end of Trump’s presidency, and the shock of the attack on the Capitol, Joe Biden wanted once again, as he did throughout his presidential campaign, to present himself as a universal figure.

“We have witnessed the abyss of rebellion, tyranny, pandemic and suffering, and we the people have remained strong,” he said, citing the preamble of the US Constitution.

“We are the United States of America,” he added, recalling one of his campaign’s most famous phrases. He concluded by saying, “Nothing is impossible for us (…) if we do this together.”



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