Foods that will help strengthen the immune system

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(ORDO NEWS) — You can fight bacteria and viruses only by strengthening the immune system. For this it is worth revising your diet. While scientists still have to study the interactions between diet and the immune system, they already know which foods contain the necessary nutrients to help the body cope with a variety of diseases.

Reported by PubMed.

Many people believe that orange juice will help fight a cold. Of course, this is far from a magical remedy, but there is a lot of vitamin C in the composition, which has a positive effect on human immunity. One medium-sized orange contains the daily requirement of this vitamin, so scientists recommend including the fruit in your daily diet. Bell pepper also contains a lot of vitamin C.

The scientific journal Journal of Immunology Research published the results of a study that showed that garlic several times enhances the functioning of the immune system by activating lymphocytes and macrophages. In turn, regular consumption of ginger will help reduce the risk of developing inflammatory processes in the body.

A lot of vitamins C, E and A can be found in kale. Vitamin A helps to strengthen the immune system at the cellular level. Tomatoes are also considered the source of these elements. In addition, this vegetable contains the antioxidant lycopene, which helps fight inflammation.


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