Foods that should be abandoned after 60 years

(ORDO NEWS) — Nutritionists said that people over 60 should carefully review their diet, because not all foods can be consumed at that age. Some can cause serious health problems and are best avoided. Reported by Eat This, Not That !.

In the first place on the list are meat products that have been processed. Sausage and similar products can create an environment in the body that is ideal for the development of inflammatory processes. Jamie Rinker noted that fresh meat will be more useful, which should be supplemented with fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as whole grains.

If a person cannot refrain from eating his favorite sausage or sausages, then they should be present in the diet as little as possible. It is advisable not to eat them more than once a month or at least every couple of weeks.

Sweet is in second place. After 60 years, it is worth reducing the consumption of flour, sweets, cakes, cookies and other things.

They contain too much sugar, unhealthy fats and calories, and also negatively affect a person’s appetite and significantly increase it. For the same reason, you should not consume carbonated sugary drinks, which can impair metabolism and cause obesity.

If you need to lose extra pounds at such a decent age, then you need to exclude fried and fatty foods from the diet. In addition, such dishes can also provoke problems with the cardiovascular system.

A surprise for many will be that you can not eat legumes after 60 years. Experts note that they are very useful, but only for younger organisms.


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