“Flying” turtle broke through the windshield of a car

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — American Latonya Lark was shocked when a flying turtle crashed into the windshield of her car, making a huge hole.

On May 12, Lark was traveling with her brother, when she suddenly thought that a brick was flying in their direction. There was a powerful blow to the windshield.

When the woman got out of the car, she was surprised to find that it was not a brick, but an ordinary land tortoise. Latonya and her brother received minor cuts.

Lark joked that she had a dilemma – to plead guilty to the tortoise, but what if it doesn’t even have insurance. The turtle was released, and I got stuck on the road with broken glass.

According to the woman, the tortoise most likely fell under the wheels in front of the traveling car, and then it ricocheted off towards the next car.

Unfortunately, the reptile did not survive the blow and subsequently died.

A woman warns drivers to be more careful on the roads and monitor the situation, especially where there are wild animals.

By the way, this is not the first time that turtles fly into the windshield of cars. A similar incident occurred last year in the American city of Conway, South Carolina.


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