Fluoride-ion batteries: if they are better than lithium and do not explode, then why are they not on sale?

(ORDO NEWS) — Engineers from NASA and Honda have created fluoride-ion batteries that can store 10 times more energy and won’t explode inside your smartphone.

Modern lithium-ion batteries are used everywhere, from smartphones to electric vehicles. Cheap and convenient, these batteries still have a number of disadvantages. The most significant are, of course, the limited charge storage capacity and environmental impact.

A team of researchers from the NASA Jet Technology Laboratory and specialists from Honda said they have found a way to fix this circumstance.

They have developed a fluoride battery that can provide ten times the specific energy density of lithium-ion batteries – and also requires fewer resources to manufacture.

According to the scientists themselves, a new type of battery as a concept was developed some time ago, but with one significant disadvantage: for such a battery to work, the temperature of a well-heated oven (about 160 degrees Celsius) was required.

However, the new model is capable of generating energy at room temperature – and yet it does not explode like its counterpart.

“Unlike lithium-ion batteries, fluoride-ion batteries are not as dangerous in case of overheating, and the extraction of materials to create them has less environmental impact,” explains Christopher Brooks, a researcher at the Honda Research Institute and co-author of the paper.

However, even the creators themselves note that the introduction of modern battery technologies to the market is always fraught with a number of difficulties – both engineering and bureaucratic.

Engineers hope that the new product will hit the market in the foreseeable future and gradually replace lithium-ion batteries.


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