Flood – A myth or a story based on real events?

(ORDO NEWS) — The story of a devastating flood, which caused the death of almost all people, is not only in the Bible, but also in the religious texts of a number of other countries. In particular, Sumero-Akkadian mythology tells about the gods who sent a flood on people as a punishment for unbelief.

A similar story can be read in Greek, Hindu, Arabic, Bashkir and even Chinese mythologies. This involuntarily raises the question, why is the same legend described in the texts of religions that are not connected in any way?

Perhaps the myths about the global flood have a real basis? Scientists to this day cannot give an unambiguous answer to this. However, some versions, confirmed by facts, still exist.

Did the great flood occur in Europe?

About three million years ago, the Pliocene-Quaternary glaciation began on Earth, as a result of which glaciers at the north and south poles periodically advanced to temperate latitudes.

The periods when the ice advanced are commonly called ice ages. According to scientists, the last warming began 15-12 thousand years ago, and it continues to this day.

Before this warming, our planet looked very different from what it is now. The sea level then was several tens of meters lower than the current one. At the same time, glaciers covered most of Europe and northern Asia. Britain was at that moment a peninsula covered with an ice cap.

By the way, there were also periods when the temperature on Earth was much higher than the current one, as a result of which even Greenland was a “green island” with a rich ecosystem.

Flood a myth or a story based on real events 2
During the ice age, the water level in the world’s oceans was much lower than now

In 2017, an international team of scientists analyzed all available data on how the glaciers of Eurasia were melting in different parts of the continent. Modeling showed that the ice was losing water at a record high rate.

At some point, the water level in the sea rose sharply by 2.5 meters. As a result, Central and Northern Europe could be completely flooded. On the unflooded part of the land, giant lakes formed, in the place of which several seas subsequently formed.

This event is quite pulling on the role of the Flood. However, this study proves its possibility only in theory, but what about other evidence?

Flood a myth or a story based on real events 3
According to one version, the water level in the Black Sea 9400 years ago was 70-80 meters lower than it is now

Noah’s flood wasn’t worldwide?

In 1997, geologists at Columbia University put forward a theory that the water level in the Black Sea was 60-80 meters lower than it is now. In their opinion, it was not a sea at all, but a lake with fresh water.

But when the last ice age ended, the water, bound in ice, began to return to the ocean. About 9,400 years ago, the level of the Mediterranean Sea rose and its waters rushed over the now flooded Bosporus. As a result, the Aegean and Black Seas joined.

According to this theory, about 70,000 square kilometers of land were flooded. Moreover, the level rose literally before our eyes, by 0.5 meters per day. Is there any evidence for this version?

They were discovered later. For example, in 2020, underwater archaeologists discovered an ancient coastline in the Black Sea at a depth of 110 meters, along which the remains of wooden, well-preserved buildings stretch.

The find was discovered near the mouth of the Ropotamo River in the Burgas region in southeastern Bulgaria. The study showed that the age of the buildings is about 6,000 years, as reported by the portal Archeology in Bulgaria.

That is, people lived here one and a half thousand years before the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. This confirms the fact that the flood caused by the rise in the water level in the Black Sea wiped out many buildings of people from the face of the earth.

This event could well form the basis of the legend of the Flood.

Flood a myth or a story based on real events 4
After the water level of the Mediterranean Sea rose, the Black Sea joined the Aral Sea

There is also another study that confirms this version. It was published in 2009 in the Quaternary Science Review.

To find out if the level of the Black Sea has really risen, scientists drilled a 42-meter-deep core through sediments that have accumulated over the past 10,000 years, that is, they began to accumulate since the formation of the Danube Delta.

At the base of the core, the researchers found deep delta deposits formed in fresh water, and then they transitioned into shallow deposits formed in sea water.

However, there are some inconsistencies in this study. It showed that the flood was not as massive as geologists at Columbia University suggested.

The water level in the Black Sea was actually only 30 meters lower than the current one, and not 80 meters. Moreover, the flood raised the level by only 5-10 meters. As a result, about 2,000 square kilometers of land were flooded.

Flood a myth or a story based on real events 5
“Great Floods” could have occurred on Earth in different places at different times

Did the global floods occur in different places and at different times?

According to some scholars, the flood described in the religious texts of different peoples is not fiction. However, in fact, there could be many floods, and they occurred at different times. Scientists periodically find traces of powerful floods in different parts of the world.

For example, during excavations of the tombs of ancient Ur (the territory of modern Iraq) in the first half of the last century, scientists under a layer of tombs at a depth of 20 meters discovered a layer of alluvial clay about two and a half meters thick.

The most likely explanation for this clay is that it was brought in as a result of large-scale flooding caused by prolonged heavy rains that led to the flooding of rivers.

Then the researchers suggested that the Sumerian pious priest Ziusudra, who is also the biblical Noah, could be a Sumerian by origin. Being observant enough, he may have noticed the signs of an approaching flood, and took action in advance.

Flood a myth or a story based on real events 6
In the Sumerian legends about the global flood, the main character was the pious priest Ziusudra

Traces of the flood were later also found in Kish and other cities of Mesopotamia. But they happened at different times. Accordingly, they have nothing to do with the global flood.

Also, traces of a severe flood in 2016 were found in Kitea. Qinglong Wu of Peking University and his colleagues explored rock deposits in the Jishi Gorge, located in western China.

The Yellow River flows through it. The attention of scientists was attracted by unusual sediments of sand and pebbles, which could only appear as a result of a powerful flow of water.

According to the authors, the cause of the flood could be a landslide that blocked the Yellow River. As a result, a natural dam was formed, which instantly raised the water level by almost 40 meters. The surroundings of the river were completely flooded.

Considering all of the above, it can be assumed that in the mythologies of different peoples different events could be described that were not related to each other. Although they all have common features.

Why it is pointless to look for “Noah’s Ark”

Many people who perceive the Bible as a historically accurate description of real events are still trying to find Noah’s Ark to this day. The ancient ship can serve as evidence of both the Flood and the existence of Noah himself.

In search of a relic, they are combing the Ararat mountains and the surrounding territories far and wide. From time to time, there are even reports that the remains of the tree of the ark have been found, or even the ark itself has been discovered. But there is no real evidence of this yet.

Academic archaeologists treat such searches, to put it mildly, with skepticism. And it’s not even a matter of whether Noah (or a person described in other religions) actually existed or not. It is unlikely that a wooden ark can survive thousands of years later.

But even if the ark is found, it is impossible to prove that it belonged to Noah. The only way to understand this is to find a genuine ancient inscription. But even if the ark and such an inscription are found, there will still be no evidence that we are talking about the biblical Noah or about the flood that religion tells about.

Flood a myth or a story based on real events 7
According to scientists, it makes no sense to look for Noah’s Ark for several reasons

But, by and large, it is not so important whether Noah and his ark actually existed or not. The narrative itself is no less striking than the events it describes. In fact, this is the first story about the survival of mankind and life on Earth in general in a global catastrophe.

It was written thousands of years ago, when mankind, it would seem, had not yet thought about the problems of a planetary scale. It is now that people are increasingly paying attention to issues of survival and even create a genetic “Noah’s Ark”.

Finally, we note that some other biblical stories are confirmed in recent scientific research. For example, we recently talked about the fact that scientists managed to find out how and why the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah perished.


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