Flies use the movement of smells to navigate

(ORDO NEWS) — American scientists from Yale University found out that flies use smells to navigate the movement of smells.

The specialists noted that their work will help not only health care and agriculture (as mosquitoes identify people and flowers), but will also contribute to the creation of robots that can identify environmental threats.

Animals and insects are known to be able to locate the source of infection. The wind, in turn, hides the place of origin of odors.

According to the researchers, animals and insects find their targets by smelling the stench, after which they track the trail in the opposite direction of the wind.

The scientists tried to find out if the flies are able to detect the movement of scent packets without the help of wind, using only their antennae.

To test the new theory, the researchers used motion sensors in the lab as well as olfactory navigation to create tests.

As a result, it was found that flies can independently perceive the direction of movement of bags with a smell, without taking into account the direction of the wind.

The scientists genetically modified the fly’s antennae to perceive light to achieve this result.

After that, the experts created fictitious scent packets by observing how flies react to these signals in calm and windy weather.

The flies’ antennae interact to detect the movement of odor packets, allowing them to reroute based solely on the signals, the researchers said.


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