Fleet of “alien ships” appeared in the skies over China

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(ORDO NEWS) — A few days ago, Chinese residents observed a “UFO flotilla” off their shores. Luminous pillar-shaped lights froze in the sky between the Chinese islands of Qingmen and Matsu.

Well-known ufologist Scott Waring linked this phenomenon to the meeting of the President of Taiwan with the US Secretary of State for Health. The ufologist said that the UFOs that appeared in the sky are scattered along the entire coast of the PRC, and block the approaches to the borders of Taiwan.

Thus, aliens demonstrate their strength, showing that they are watching humanity and, if necessary, are ready to intervene.

However, the Taiwanese media quickly found an explanation for this phenomenon by contacting local meteorologists. It turned out that this rare and incredibly beautiful phenomenon is called ” pillars of light “, which is really a rarity for the subtropics.

Usually it is characteristic of those places where the climate is colder, and any light (moon, sun, or even lanterns) begins to reflect off the crystalline ice particles in the air.


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