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(ORDO NEWS) — Smoking hookahs is considered fashionable and quite safe. After all, you can smoke not only tobacco with a high or low level of nicotine, but even without it! This trend began in e-cigarettes and has now reached hookahs – you can smoke tobacco with zero nicotine, and the latter is often replaced by flavors, found both natural and synthetic.

How to choose a fragrance?

Natural flavors guarantee a richer taste, as they are made from animal or vegetable raw materials. An example is tobacco Moissel, which is translated from Arabic as “honey”. But nowadays tobacco leaves are not soaked in honey, but in natural molasses.

The effect remains the same – a smoking person smells and tastes of honey. Tobacco in the form of tombac and zhurak are considered exotic in our market – they have flavorings in the form of spices and molasses. But in the domestic market, they have not taken root well and most often smokers use synthetic flavors that are cheaper and have an excellent taste, and the Flame Flavor company is the best version.

Benefits of Flame Flavor

1- All offered products meet Russian standards in terms of quality;
2- Unique flavor components;
3- The products are suitable for the application of any type of raw material;
4- Most of the products are always in stock;
5- Prompt shipment of goods to customers;
6- All products of the company are heat resistant. They retain their original taste even after 40 minutes of smoking;
7- Regular release of new products;
8- Personal approach and high level of service.

Instead of using expensive POD systems and e-cigarettes, it is much cheaper to use hookahs that can smoke tobacco with natural and synthetic flavors from 1500 components. With a portfolio of over 100 original flavors designed for smoking blends, the Stockmayer Flavor has a subtle flavor and is considered the best choice for any smoker.


The company meets the needs of customers and offers not only fast delivery from the warehouse, but also another unique offer – when ordering goods over 300 kg, specialists are able to quickly develop an exclusive flavor that will be available in the hookah bar.

This will help you attract more customers and generate more income. It is enough to indicate the name of the company, phone number, e-mail address on the site, enter a message in the box, and the company’s specialists will quickly contact the client, help select the product and ensure its shipment in a short time.

It is important to understand that the success of the hookah business lies in the constant supply of various flavors. And the Flame Flavor company easily solves this problem.


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