Flashes of lightning and a rainbow appeared in the sky at the same time

(ORDO NEWS) — A storm hunter from California, USA, captured an amazing natural phenomenon – flashes of lightning and a rainbow merged together during a thunderstorm.

The other day, residents of California (USA) could observe a breathtaking atmospheric phenomenon. At sunset, a thunderstorm broke out, painting the sky a dark blue-violet color.

But suddenly a bright rainbow formed in the storm clouds, which flaunted in the sky along with bright flashes of lightning.

In general, rainbows and lightning are incompatible because they require different conditions to appear. Lightning is caused by water droplets and ice particles that carry an electrical charge.

A rainbow is due to the fact that sunlight is refracted and reflected by water droplets (rain or fog) floating in the atmosphere. Therefore, the rainbow can most often be observed after the rain.

Flashes of lightning and a rainbow appeared in the sky at the same time 2
Rainbows and lightning flashes during a thunderstorm in California

To see a rainbow and lightning flashes at the same time, a person must stand, as it were, between a thunderstorm front and sunlight – so that the rays fall on raindrops, and electrical discharges create lightning.

But this time, the storm hunter William Justo was lucky – he was at the right time in the right place and was able to capture on his iPhone the moment when a rainbow appears inside the thunderclouds.

A similar atmospheric phenomenon was recorded earlier in November 2020 by another thunderstorm hunter – Jake Heitmann – over the Lewiston-Clarkson Valley in Idaho.


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