Five times more than usual: deadly ticks appeared in Germany

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Many people think that ticks are active only in the summer, but in reality there are a lot of them right now. However, some of them pose a serious danger, as they can provoke infection with tick-borne encephalitis (FSME), which can cause meningitis.

This year there are even more dangers: a new species of ticks is spreading around the country, the bite of which can lead to death, reports .

Five times bigger than usual

Tropical ticks of the genus Hyalomma (Hyalomma-Zecke) can be five times larger than those ticks, which are on the right). Birds from southern Europe brought them to the country. Given that it was hot last summer, insects were able to survive and produce offspring in Germany.

Tropical ticks are dangerous in that they transmit diseases that are atypical for this part of Europe. Their bite can even become fatal.

Tropical ticks carry the Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever, a viral disease that often ends in death.

But there is no reason for panic: the tropical ticks found in Germany have not yet found the causative agent of fever. Nevertheless, it is important to be careful and use protective equipment against ticks.


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