Five sea lions died under mysterious circumstances

(ORDO NEWS) — Under mysterious circumstances in Canada, at least five sea lions have died in the past few months: they were found decapitated on the shores of Vancouver Island. To this day, no one knows who killed the animals: other marine creatures or humans.

Several individuals found belonged to the species of sea lion, which are listed in the Red Book. They are also called eared seals. Zoologist Anna Hall noted that whales and sharks are the enemies of these creatures in nature, but they are unlikely to be able to deprive the heads of sea lions. Most likely, this is the work of man.

Parksville residents saw an unknown person cut off the head of an animal whose corpse had been lying on the coast for several days. It is still unknown whether this man is connected with other cases and what his intentions were at all.

It is worth noting that in Canada this has already happened several times before. In 2013, four headless sea lions were discovered on the shores of Vancouver, and in 2014, in Quebec, altogether 12 corpses. Anna Hall is now actively communicating with the authorities so that they give permission for the autopsy.

Studying the insides should reveal the truth. If this is a person, then the zoologist intends to obtain a judicial opinion.

Stephanie Lair of the University of Montreal admits that wild creatures could bite their heads off. Scavengers do not need much time to deal with prey. They start the “meal” just from the head.

The situation is very strange and ambiguous. Conservationists are determined to open the case and punish those responsible, since the third such event is too much.


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