Five Health Benefits of Garlic

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts believe that garlic can protect the body from many diseases.

Now, when the likelihood of catching a viral infection is especially high, there should be especially a lot of garlic in the daily diet. In general, this product has a large number of health benefits. About them – below.

1- Lowering cholesterol. Garlic also reduces the amount of “bad” cholesterol, and prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. Half a clove of this product a day helps to regulate blood cholesterol.

2- Stabilization of blood pressure. In hypertensive patients, garlic reduces blood pressure.

3- Strengthening immunity. This is proven by many studies. Thanks to the substance allicin, garlic is able to act as an antioxidant in the body.

Five Health Benefits of Garlic 2

4- Cold treatment. The results of one study showed that people who ate one clove daily for 12 weeks recovered faster from a cold and were less likely to get sick.

5- Getting rid of excess weight. According to scientific data, fat is burned faster if garlic is eaten by chewing it thoroughly.


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