Fishermen fish out 12,000-year-old mammoth tooth

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of fishermen from New Hampshire (Massachusetts, USA) fished out a woolly mammoth tooth while fishing for scallops off the coast of Massachusetts. This is reported by the news agency UPI.

The crew of a fishing boat in New Hampshire were catching scallops when they pulled out something unexpected: a 12,000-year-old, 11-inch-long woolly mammoth tooth.

Tim Ryder, captain and co-owner of the New England Fishmongers, took the 7-pound item to the University of New Hampshire, where experts scrutinized it.

“I always enjoy exploring the New England landscape,” UNH geology professor Will Clyde told NBC Boston.

“With mammoths and mastodons walking around. In terms of geological time, it wasn’t that long ago.”

Ryder decided to put the tooth up for auction on eBay and donate the proceeds to charity.


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