Fisherman finds wreckage of missing Malaysian Boeing MH370

(ORDO NEWS) — The MH370 plane was searched for for a very long time, but new information emerged that its wreckage was found by a local fisherman on the Kinsland beach.

The Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane went missing near Western Australia in early March 2014. Then there were 239 people on board. The plane disappeared according to experts’ assumptions due to the fact that it deviated sharply from the course. Since that time, its location has remained a real mystery to everyone.

Some time ago, fisherman Mick Elcoat announced that he had found the wreckage of a disappeared ship on one of the remote beaches. They are located 7 km from Tribulation Point. In the pictures taken by the fisherman and posted on the Internet, you can see the find, which resembles a wing covered with a huge amount of sand and shells. Initially, Mick thought it was the wreckage of a yacht, and only then it became clear that it was part of the plane.

Rybak posted photos to the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering group on Facebook. Users in the comments immediately began to write that the discovered wreckage most likely belonged to an aircraft that disappeared 6 years ago. At the same time, aeronautical researchers said the part could belong to another aircraft.

Six years later, it was not possible to establish what exactly happened to the plane that disappeared in 2014 and the people who were on board. To date, the official investigation has been closed, and the relatives of the missing were left without answers to their questions. According to the official version, the plane sank in the southern Indian Ocean. Despite the fact that the bottom has been carefully checked several times, no debris has been found.

Due to the fact that it was not possible to find the black boxes that were present on the plane, it is not possible to understand what happened then. The conclusions were drawn using the data collected by the satellite telecommunications company Inmarsat. In addition, those who provide reliable information about the tragedy were even offered a monetary reward, but so far nothing new has been learned.


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