Fish with a transparent head found in the Pacific Ocean

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) conducted research off the coast of California. The Pacific Ocean floor has been carefully studied using special deep-sea devices that can be remotely controlled. They discovered a very strange fish, which may seem like an alien creature to many.

But it turned out to be just a short-nosed opisthoproctus. This is a ray-finned fish that lives at very great depths. Its peculiarity is its transparent head. Previously, many have seen fish exclusively in museums. For the first time, scientists described it in 1939, but it is possible to meet it in nature only in isolated cases.

In the description of the videos made by the devices, it is said that the devices recorded about 27,600 hours of research. In total, over 5600 dives were made to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. During this time, we managed to see this incredible fish only 9 times.

The deep-sea creature has depressions in the skull where the eyes are usually located. In this fish, instead of eyes, there are two luminous balls of green color. At the same time, they look towards the top of the head. A similar structure is used by the opisthoproctidae in order to scan the water directly above it and thus look for food for itself.

The eyes are not just strangely shaped. They have a large multi-layer retina, so fish can see very well in the dark. In 2019, experts conducted research and found that the eyes can also rotate inside the head without problems.

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