Fish-eating seabirds drop anchovies on San Francisco

(ORDO NEWS) — The “fish showers” of anchovies that amaze San Francisco residents are caused by gorged seabirds. This conclusion was made by scientists from the University of California Davis.

According to Adam Ratner, deputy head of conservation education at the Sausalito Center for Marine Mammals, a phenomenon called upwelling has led to a significant increase in the number of anchovies in the ocean. It occurs when cold, fish-rich water rises to the surface from the ocean floor.

“We have somewhat cooler water on the surface and that affects creatures like anchovies. They have received nutrients for active reproduction, which has a positive effect on all marine ecosystems in the region,” says Adam Ratner.

Seabirds, which usually feed on anchovies, sooner or later stop eating and begin to dump their surplus catch on the city.

Specialists from the University of California Davis clarify that an outbreak of anchovies has been observed in the state since about 2020.


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