Fish body, alligator head unusual creature found in Singapore

(ORDO NEWS) — In Asia, the remains of a strange creature have been found that looks like a fish, but has the head of an alligator. The find interested not only local residents.

The remains were found in Singapore. This discovery was documented by Karen Lithgow. The creature was found by Imran Kassim. He first thought it was an alligator when he saw the creature from afar. After he came a little closer and examined his torso, he was incredibly surprised.

Fish body alligator head unusual creature found in Singapore 2

The National Parks Authority carried out the identification of the discovered animal. It was an alligator fish that lives in the southern United States. It is worth noting that the distance between the habitat and the place where the creature was found is quite large, so even more questions arise.

Many experts call this amazing species a living fossil, because the creature has a very long history. If we talk about how exactly it ended up on the territory of Singapore, then only one version comes to mind. Most likely, the alligator fish was kept as a pet and, after it grew too much, was released.


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