First working quantum computer on diamonds paired with a supercomputer

(ORDO NEWS) — Australian scientists were able to run a diamond quantum computer at room temperature. He earned in tandem with his classic “brother”.

For the first time, physicists have been able to combine a quantum and conventional computer. They will now work in pairs and could open the door to a new age of computing

Quantum computers can significantly outperform traditional devices in solving some problems. They can perform calculations much faster because their quantum bits (qubits) of information can exist in two states at once – the so-called superposition – and data can be transmitted instantly due to quantum entanglement.

The problem is that most existing quantum computers use superconductors as their qubits, which only operate at temperatures slightly above absolute zero.

Due to the need for such super-powerful cooling, these quantum machines require a lot of electricity, which increases the cost of their creation and maintenance, reducing availability.

Diamond quantum computer

Quantum Brilliance has developed a quantum computer processor that can operate at room temperature. Its qubits are not superconductors, but defects in diamond lattices, which are much less sensitive to thermal vibrations and more resistant to mechanical stress.

And now this quantum processor has been installed at the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Center in Perth, Western Australia. This is the first time a quantum computer has been paired with a traditional supercomputer – in this case, a machine called the HPE Cray Ex.

The facility will be used to test hybrid models of quantum and traditional computing, allowing researchers to outsource some computational tasks to a quantum processor to take advantage of its unique advantages and offload a traditional supercomputer.


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