First UFO hearings in 50 years were held in the USA: what was discussed and what are the results

(ORDO NEWS) — On May 17, the US Congress held public hearings on the mysterious objects. They included testimony from Defense Department officials following a UFO investigation report released last year.

Last year’s report raised more questions than it answered. Mysterious objects can be anything from drones to weather-related phenomena, from artifacts to sensor glitches. But there wasn’t enough data in the report to draw a definitive conclusion.

UFO: discussion results

– The hearing began with House Representative Andre Carson, a Democrat from Indiana, saying that UFOs “are a potential threat to national security and should be handled accordingly.”

– Defense Department officials stressed that there are still many incidents that they cannot explain. But the lack of an explanation does not mean that aliens are the explanation.

– Some researchers say the incidents should be investigated by scientists, not just the military. In addition, since UFOs have long inspired conspiracy theories, the government should provide greater access to data and open investigations.

– For decades, this topic was virtually taboo for scientists. Government officials have even renamed UFOs “unknown aerial phenomena,” in part to avoid the misplaced associations and stigma associated with alien claims. According to Ravi Kopparap, a NASA planetary scientist, the researchers hope that the scientific search for answers and greater transparency will help overcome this.

In general, no shocking statements were made at the hearings. US pilots constantly observe strange phenomena in the air, but almost all of them, if you try, find a rational explanation. Intelligence, however, has acknowledged that there are incomprehensible cases of UFO encounters.

Since the early 2000s, we have observed an increase in the number of unauthorized or unidentified aircraft or objects in military-controlled training and firing zones, and in other airspace.

Visual surveillance reports are frequent and non-stop, says Scott Bray, deputy director of the Naval Intelligence Directorate.

Bray attributes the rise in UFO sightings to a number of factors, including the growing popularity of copters and other aircraft, advances in detection tools, and greater openness in reporting such events. Despite this, he notes, no evidence of supernatural or extraterrestrial interference has been found.

We at the UFO Task Force found no manifestations indicating anything extraterrestrial in origin. When I say “unidentified” I mean lack of data. The data we have does not point to any explanation.

There are a number of events for which we have no explanation, and there are a small number of cases in which the flight characteristics of objects or the management of signatures cannot be explained with the data we have. Obviously, they are of the greatest interest to us, ” the scout said.

– Thus, Pentagon officials said that the military has no knowledge of collisions or direct communications with UFOs.

– No materials, debris or other traces of catastrophes have been found that indicate an extraterrestrial origin of objects.

However, all this was said in the open part of the hearing, which was followed by a closed one. What intelligence officers told about UFOs is unknown. Jacob Haqq-Missra, a researcher at the Blue Marble Space Science Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to space exploration, thinks the information is really there.


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