First nest of killer hornets discovered and destroyed in the US

Entomologists from Washington, US, on October 23 confirmed the existence of a nest of Asian giant hornets, or "killer hornets." They destroyed it two days later.

(ORDO NEWS) — To discovernest, entomologists from the Washington State Department of Agriculture in the United States caught live hornets and attached radio trackers to them. A few hours later, the hornets led the scientists to a nest located in a tree on a private property in Whatcom County.

The property owner gave permission to the department to remove the nest. Entomologists, dressed in protective suits, removed all hornets from the nest using a special vacuum device.

The Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarina) is the largest hornet in the world. It can reach over 5 centimeters in length. He received the intimidating nickname for the extremely painful (and sometimes lethal) stings and “ruthless” extermination of honey bees. Although the insect can live by feeding only on tree sap, it prefers to eat other insects. It is believed that one group of hornets can destroy an entire hive of thousands of bees in an hour.

A person is not often attacked by killer hornets. But their bites can be fatal, especially for people with allergies. According to various estimates, in Japan, these insects kill about 50 people a year.

Entomologists from the US feared that invasive species (spread by human activities) could wipe out the fragile honeybee population and harm humans.


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