First lunar probe from South Korea photographed the Moon and the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — The Danuri probe sent a photograph of the Earth and the Moon back to Earth. Reported by the Korea Institute of Astronomy and Space Sciences.

A couple of decades ago, the Republic of Korea launched its space program. A cosmodrome was built on the territory of the country, from which rockets of their own design are launched.

In August 2022, SpaceX’s Falcon-9 rocket launched Danuri, the country’s first lunar probe.

Now the device has received high-resolution photographs of the Moon and Earth using the LUTI camera to check the quality of the shooting.

The Earth was photographed from a distance of 1.2 million kilometers, which is thousands of times farther than the distance from which the probe will explore the moon.

Despite this, the outlines of the continents and the shape of the clouds are perfectly distinguishable on the planet. The moon was taken partly from the back.

The main task of “Danuri” is to study the surface of the Moon, its magnetism and search for water ice in the craters of eternal darkness near the poles.

Entering the target lunar orbit with a height of 100 kilometers is scheduled for December.


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