First full moon in 2023: What it will bring us

(ORDO NEWS) — An unusual full moon is expected in the first month of 2023. It will be on January 7 and astrologers say that it will have a strong impact on the lives of all Zodiac signs.

The full moon will remain in the constellation of Cancer until January 9, also at this time there will be a Black Moon. Astrologers say that this state of the heavenly bodies is a forerunner of drastic changes.

For better or for worse, it is extremely difficult to predict. Star experts say that retrograde Mercury is “flowers” compared to such a full moon.

At this time, people may face misunderstanding, mistrust, misperception of information. Because of this, conflicts arise, there will be many stressful situations.

Astrologers warn that at this time all the signs of the Zodiac will be like on needles.

This is due to the influence of the moon on the sphere of feelings. Therefore, light sedatives, for example, valerian or motherwort, will not be superfluous at this time.

Also, the full moon will sharpen intuition, but it is easy to become paranoid because of this. Therefore, it is better to try to keep a clean and clear mind.

It is very important that these days your actions and decisions are based on thoughts, not feelings. Otherwise, you can get into trouble.

A full moon will be favorable for strengthening relations with a loved one. From January 7, you can make plans for the future, move to live with your passion, go on vacation together.

Creative people will find their inspiration and create many beautiful songs, poems, paintings, clothes.

Astrologers advise all zodiac signs to spend these days in the circle of only very close people, those with whom you are “on the same wavelength”. Try not to make important decisions at work, do not lend.


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