First, free oil, now extra charge for the trip. Who attracts tourists with money?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In the world, everything turned upside down. At first, oil sellers were forced to pay buyers to take fuel that they have nowhere to store, and now resorts are ready to pay tourists.

The homeland of the Italian mafia – Sicily – came up with a curious move: according to The Times, the possibility of paying tourists half the cost of air tickets, as well as a night at the hotel, is a kind of subsidy and everything to attract tourists.

The so-called lockdown ends May 4, and the offers described above and first published by The Times are reported to be available on the island’s tourist site.

The government will spend about 50 million euros to finance this measure. At the same time, in March and April, the loss of the tourism industry is estimated at 1.6 billion euros.

In addition to a free night at the hotel and half of the ticket, privileges for visiting museums and other attractions will also be offered.

It is worth adding that in Italy, the tourism sector accounts for about 13% of GDP, so the country is desperately trying to resume tourist flow immediately after the quarantine has been lifted.

Another question is that many may be afraid to go, especially since in many countries the epidemic is still in full swing. Perhaps the financial side of the issue will play some role.


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