First black mold patient appears in Mexico

(ORDO NEWS) — Mucormycosis was first recorded outside India. In Mexico, a 34-year-old man was diagnosed with black mold. It is treated with just one expensive drug. It is also reported that in India there were cases when patients with mucromycosis had their eyes removed.

This was reported by Epoch Times.

The man’s name is Gregory Avendagno, he has had a severe coronavirus. Often COVID-19 provokes various complications. “Black mold” is considered one of the most difficult cases.

It is known about the man that he suffers from diabetes mellitus. He contracted the coronavirus on May 10, but refused hospitalization. Gregory was on self-isolation, adhered to the prescriptions of doctors. As time went on, he passed the COVID-19 test, received a negative result and went to work.

But on May 26, Gregori’s health deteriorated sharply. He was admitted to the hospital with facial paralysis. Now the man can’t even talk. He is being prepared for eye surgery. Doctors fear for the patient’s life. The fungus will spread very quickly in the body.

“Black mold” is also recorded in other countries: Iraq, Egypt. Most of the recorded cases are in India.


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