Fireballs soaring into the sky scared the people of India

(ORDO NEWS) — In parts of Maharashtra, including Chandrapur, Yavatmal, Nagpur, Buldhana, Wasim, Akola, Wardha and Bhandara, many people were stunned to see “fireballs” burning in the sky on Saturday night.

On the same night, residents of a village in the Sindevahi tehsil of Chandrapur district also reported a metal ring falling on an open area. In another village in the same area, on the same night, all the inhabitants saw a shining ball that fell into a pond.

According to meteorologist and physicist Professor Kiran Kumar Johre, these three phenomena are also completely unrelated.

Kiran Kumar Johre, a former Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) scientist who specializes in electricity, said the metal ring and sphere could be fragments of different satellites. But they have nothing to do with the luminous balls that were seen soaring into the sky in Vidarbha.

According to Johar, what was seen in the night sky on Saturday was ball lightning, which is a very famous phenomenon in physics. Kiran Kumar Johr also claims that he studied similar ascending and parallel moving fireballs seen in Uttar Pradesh in 2002. Kiran Kumar Johre stated that the same was observed in the Vidarbha region.

Kiran Kumar Johre also said that the electric balls that run parallel to the horizon are ball lightning, the same type of lightning that occurs in extremely dry conditions in drought-prone regions. In similar cases, people see at night a spherical object that emits different colors and moves sideways.

Kiran Kumar Johre also explained that the ball suddenly completely ceases to exist because it collapses very quickly after colliding with any object. He said that this phenomenon stops after it rains after a long delay. He said that there is absolutely no need to panic.

According to him, despite the fact that a lot of research is currently being carried out, the mystery of the strange behavior of ball lightning has not yet been solved.


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