Financiers cannot hide their surprise strange dynamics are being tracked in the securities market

(ORDO NEWS) — The first event that changed the previous state of the securities market was the sale of shares in American media companies and Chinese technology companies. The shares totaled nineteen billion dollars. Traders are puzzled with what this decision is connected with and whether such dynamics will continue in the near future. So far, there are no comments on the network.

Further, the Goldman Sachs company was liquidated, the company’s shares are 10, 5 billion dollars. This event was reported by the investment bank in electronic circulation to a number of clients.

The first batch of shares was sold before the market opened. Later, the bank also managed the sale of American media conglomerates such as Viacom CBS, Discovery, Farfetch, iQiyi and GSX Techedu.

Michel Keusch, portfolio manager at Bellevue Asset Management AG, commented on the situation in this way: “I have not seen such changes in the last twenty-five years of my career. Where this will lead, I do not understand. Is it worth worrying for traders, I can’t say yet. ”

Traders are worried about the nature of the trades. Some believe that this is due to the fact that there was a forced reduction in funds. The second version of what is happening is an unfavorable situation, as well as serious problems in a large hedge fund.


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