Final preparations for NASA rocket launch to the Moon

(ORDO NEWS) — On Monday, NASA made final preparations for the launch of Artemis I, which is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

The first launch of the Space Launch System, the most powerful rocket ever developed by NASA, is scheduled for Wednesday at 1:04 am local time.

The countdown has already begun at the Kennedy Space Center.

Takeoff is scheduled less than a week after the passage of Hurricane Nicole, during which the rocket was on the launch pad.

NASA is currently evaluating the risk of hurricane damage to the thin strip that surrounds the Orion crew capsule and makes it more aerodynamic. Engineers are investigating if this could cause problems during launch.

If necessary, two reserve dates are available – November 19 and 25.

Meteorologists predict a 90% chance of favorable conditions during the launch window.

In late September, the rocket had to be taken back to the assembly shop to be sheltered from Hurricane Ian, causing the mission to be delayed by several weeks.

Prior to this, two launch attempts had to be canceled due to sensor malfunction and fuel leaks.

NASA has since replaced the seal and successfully tested the tank in late September.

Refueling operations are scheduled to begin Tuesday afternoon, on orders from Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, NASA’s launch director.

About 100,000 people on the coast are expected to watch the launch.

If takeoff occurs on Wednesday, the mission will last a total of 25 and a half days and splash down in the Pacific Ocean on December 11th.

The SLS rocket has been in development for over ten years. According to a public audit, NASA will invest more than $90 billion in its new lunar program by the end of 2025.


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