Filaret spoke about who is to blame for the coronavirus pandemic

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Filaret spoke about who is really to blame for the fact that a dangerous disease has begun to spread around the world.

He says that sinners are to blame for everything. It is because of them that the virus takes a huge number of lives in different countries of the world. Filaret made this statement at one of his services. It is worth noting that some time ago he blamed the entire LGBT community.

The priest talked about the fact that almost every person constantly talks about quarantine, but almost no one talks about who is really to blame for the epidemic.

The reason for this is that all people sinned and chose the wrong path. In this regard, the Lord punishes humanity.

This is necessary so that people abandon their past lives and stop sinning in the future. At the same time, Filaret also called the condition under which the spread of the world of coronavirus will cease.

After people repent of their deeds, everything will stop, because God can do even what seems unreal.

The priest added that the Lord endures for a long time, but then very severely punishes people to feel this not only physically, but also with their souls. However, Filaret still called on citizens to comply with quarantine and government restrictions.


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