Ferrari showed Urus competitor – four-seat Purosangue with suicide doors

(ORDO NEWS) — This is the first 4-seat model in the Ferrari lineup. Although the company itself swears that this is not an SUV, but rather a station wagon, we all know why the Italian company needs this model.

As always, Ferrari pleases not only with its attractive design, but also with high power and charisma – the upcoming station wagon will definitely not leave you indifferent

The Purosangue is powered by Maranello’s naturally aspirated V12 engine, rear-hinged doors (aka “suicide doors”), and all-wheel drive. But the main “trick” of the new model, which, apparently, should compete with the now popular Lamborgini Urus, is not at all in this.

The main feature of the Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari’s innovation stems from the dynamic weight distribution achieved in this car. The engine is located at the front, in a traditional position just behind the front axle.

The gearbox is at the rear, on the rear axle, and the power transmission unit (to control the front axle) is in front of the engine.

This distributes the weight of the transmission more evenly across the wheelbase.

Add to that the van-like bodywork and the position of the rear axle set back closer to the edge, and the Ferrari Purosangue’s weight distribution across the axles is almost perfect – 49:51.

Ferrari showed Urus competitor four seat Purosangue with suicide doors 2

The bodywork of the new 5-door Ferrari is certainly in line with the automaker’s range, featuring sleek, gently rounded lines with pronounced fenders.

Made primarily of aluminum and other alloys, the Purosangue’s bodywork is accentuated and reinforced by a lightweight single-layer carbon fiber roof.

To move the C-pillar back for improved aerodynamics, Ferrari engineers made the second-row doors rear-hinged. It also allowed for a thinner B-pillar.

High-strength aluminum alloys and hollow castings are widely used in the body and chassis. As a result, the chassis and body are lighter than the previous generation Ferrari in the 2+2 configuration.

Meanwhile, the torsional and beam stiffness are higher. In addition, the folding hood, which is often found on Ferrari supercars, provides more rigidity to the A-pillar.

The F14OIA’s powertrain is derived from previous 12-cylinder engines in the Ferrari lineup.

It has an expected 65-degree bank-to-bank angle, as well as a total displacement of 6.5 liters, dry sump with high-pressure direct injection, and similar performance to previous V12s.

Its naturally aspirated design and high power deliver 80 percent of torque at 2100 rpm, while peak torque (716 Nm) is reached at 6250 rpm. The maximum power is 725 hp. at 7,750 rpm.

Ferrari showed Urus competitor four seat Purosangue with suicide doors 3


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