Female boot over 2000 years old was found in the Altai mountains

(ORDO NEWS) — Modern footwear often does not last even for one season, and the boot, which belonged to a Scythian woman, was able to survive in Siberia, where it had lain for about 2300 years.

In the Altai Mountains in Siberia, experts have found a Scythian mound. It was in it that an old boot was found. It was preserved in excellent condition due to the fact that there was a very low air temperature in this area, and the shoes themselves were located deep underground.

Together with the boot, scientists have found some other items important for science. For example, jewelry, clothing, food leftovers, and even weapons. It was these things that the nomads considered the most important during their journey to the afterlife. In addition, not only artifacts, but also the mummified bodies of the deceased are very well preserved.

In 2017, an exhibition dedicated to the Scythians was held at the British Museum. It was said that the nomads did not leave any traces after themselves, but at the same time the dead were buried along with objects that could be “useful to them in the afterlife.” That is why modern specialists have the opportunity to find a variety of ancient artifacts, with the help of which one can learn more about the life and customs of the Scythians.

If we talk about the discovered women’s boot, then at the moment it is kept in the State Hermitage. A special feature of the shoe is that it is trimmed with gold foil and tin. There are also pyrite crystals, glass beads. Scientists were surprised at how well the sole of the shoe was preserved.

Most likely, the boot belonged to a woman who held an important post and walked very little. This may explain to some extent the use of such materials for decoration, as well as the fact that there are no signs of damage on the sole.


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