Fastest dinosaurs lived on the territory of modern Spain

(ORDO NEWS) — Paleontologists have discovered in the Spanish region of La Rioja in sediments from the beginning of the Cretaceous period, a well-preserved set of fossilized footprints of tetanus dinosaurs – distant relatives of Tyrannosaurus. The study showed that tetanus dinosaurs ran very fast at a speed of about 37-45 km / h. Scientific Reports reported.

Measurements by paleontologists confirmed that the tetanus dinosaurs were the fastest carnivorous dinosaurs known to date.

The tetanurans lived on Earth from 145 million to 100.5 million years ago, and their fast running is further evidence that large carnivorous dinosaurs were warm-blooded creatures that led an active lifestyle and were not inferior in this to modern mammals.

Previously, scientists considered tyrannosaurs to be clumsy, scaly and cold-blooded reptiles, but in recent years, their image has changed dramatically. Now researchers suggest that tyrannosaurs were fast-running feathered and warm-blooded creatures.

Previously, scientists discovered new facts about the life of dinosaurs 193 million years ago.


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