Faster Bugatti Chiron: 2000 horsepower SUV concept

(ORDO NEWS) — The young American-Italian team Drako Motors presented the concept of its hypercar – the Dragon SUV for a large family, the dynamics of which are crazy.

These numbers of power and acceleration to hundreds would not be impressive if we were talking about another ordinary hypercar. But this is a real SUV for a family of 5!

The Drako GTE sedan was quickly lost in a stream of concept hypercars with 1,000 or more horsepower. For electric cars, such power is not new – electric motors are much more frisky than their gasoline counterparts.

Despite the fact that the GTE turned out to be rather mediocre compared to its competitors, the founders of the company did not despair and presented a truly amazing car model – this time they delight our eyes with the Dragon SUV.

The most powerful SUV

Renders of the model show us a golden light-drenched body peeking out of the shadows. It suggests that the upcoming model will be a sleek fastback with eye-catching aerodynamic channels, bright LED snake eyes and the same sharp but more numerous LED headlight petals illuminating the rear end.

The technology and engineering behind Dragon comes straight from Silicon Valley. The hyper SUV will be powered by a Drako DriveOS four-motor powertrain with precise control of positive and negative torque at each wheel.

In general, four motors will be able to provide power up to 2000 hp, acceleration to hundreds in 1.9 seconds and a top speed of 322 km/h. At least that’s what Drako promises.

Faster Bugatti Chiron 2000 horsepower SUV concept 2

Those numbers would look impressive on the world’s most streamlined electric sports coupes, but they’re absolutely insane when it comes to a five-seat off-road SUV. A three-stage suspension system may help provide this versatility for riding on varied road surfaces.


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