Farmers in France in shock: on their field appeared a picture in the form of the “Templar Cross”

(ORDO NEWS) — On one of the fields in France, a strange circle was discovered. He was described as the “horror” of the family that owns this field.

The “Templar Cross” was found on July 5. Found him Nicolas Benoit, whose father owns the land. At first, the man noticed that corn cobs were lying on the ground. In his interview, Nicolas said that he was shocked and had never seen such strange circles on the fields before. Such, in his opinion, can be attributed to vandalism.

For a long time, circles regularly appear in different countries of Europe. Especially often, this began to occur in the 60s of the last century. They began to be discussed in the media at the end of the 20th century. It is worth noting that to this day no one knows about how exactly these mysterious circles are formed.

The last circle found shows a cross inside two more smaller circles. Benoit is sure that he resembles a cross that was previously used by the Templars. However, there are some common features with the Iron Cross, which was a symbol of Nazi Germany during the First World War.

To see this unusual phenomenon, many people went on a trip. A past teacher, Genevieve Piquet, said that she feels incredible energy in this place. She is sure that the circle was made by some higher intellect.

Nicolas Benoit, in turn, does not believe that high intelligence can be involved in this. The man thinks crazy those people who believe that powerful energy flows out of the earth in this place, which can relieve various diseases.

Over the past seven days, thousands of people have come to the farm. They took many pictures to appease their interest. It is worth noting that this circle destroyed about 300 square meters of corn. Benoit added that what is happening is a real horror, especially for their family. Of course, circles are very beautiful and unusual, but not for them.


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