Farmer spoke about a terrible meeting with a Bigfoot-like creature in Argentina

(ORDO NEWS) — An Argentine farmer claims to have had a horrific encounter with the legendary Bigfoot-like creature known locally as the ucumar, and that his encounter with the mysterious beast left him in deep turmoil.

According to local media reports, a very strange incident took place earlier this month in a small village south of the city of Salta.

After a football match he was watching on the radio, a farmer noticed his dogs making noise outside. Thinking that perhaps a person or an animal is trying to steal his corn, the diligent farmer left the house with a flashlight and fell straight into a nightmare that has haunted him to this day.

Walking along a dark path in his area, the man pointed the lantern forward and “saw with my own eyes something incredible that I could never imagine.”

A startled farmer later recalled that ‚Äúthere was this thing that looked like a big, hairy, dark-colored gorilla. It walked slowly, it was very strong, it looked where I was and I saw its red eyes. bushes.”

The terrified man said he was too scared to follow the creature. Instead, he understandably ran back to his house and locked himself in, where he spent the night, unable to sleep due to what he had just experienced.

After the farmer’s disturbing story was covered by one of Argentina’s well-known media outlets, it received a lot of publicity on the country’s social media.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a language barrier when it comes to ridicule and the paranormal, as his wild tale has been ridiculed by many people online.

However, he was unmoved by the reaction, later stating, “I know there are all kinds of comments and jokes, but I would never lie. I assure you, I saw that hairy beast.”

While the rave reviews on social media may not bother the man, the memories of what he saw apparently bother him as he claims to be suffering from physical ailments thought to be caused by fright.

Shedding a little more light on the appearance of the creature, the man reported that it was about five and a half feet tall and, although it somewhat resembled a gorilla, it was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

“It was not something human,” he reflected, “and not an ordinary animal.”

Because of this, many in the area believe that the farmer encountered the ukumar, a legendary Argentine creature that is described as resembling Bigfoot, although it is smaller and often described as more bear-like.


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