Farmer meeting with aliens in 1965

(ORDO NEWS) — Farmer Maurice Mass (a former French resistance fighter) smoked a cigarette near the French village of Valensole just before work began at 5:45 a.m. on July 1, 1965, when an object came down from the sky and landed on a lavender field 60 meters from it.

Annoyed and determined that the helicopter had made an unauthorized landing, he headed towards him. However, he soon saw that it was not a helicopter, but an oval aircraft with four legs. Two figures stood in front of him, a little over a meter tall, dressed in tight gray-green robes.

Their heads were too big and with sharp chins, their eyes were large and slanted, and they emitted a “grunt”.

One of the creatures sent a pencil-like device to Mass, paralyzing it. then these creatures entered their vehicle and flew away, and it took the witness 20 minutes to restore his mobility.

After himself, the object left a deep hole and moist ground, which soon hardened like concrete. Plants in the surrounding area decomposed, and analysis found a higher amount of calcium on the landing site than in other places.


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