Farmer discovers three cows with organs cut out

(ORDO NEWS) — Something mysterious is going on at Hugo Valenzuela’s farm in Argentina. His farm is located in close proximity to the town of Eskin. For 2 months, he discovered the third cow, in which the tongue, udder and genitals were cut out.

Hugo said that if another such incident occurs, he will no longer wait and will simply call the veterinarian to study this strange phenomenon.

The man noted that all the cuts were very clean and did not bleed. There are no signs that the animal tried to escape or resisted in any way during the procedure. It seems that the cow just fell on the spot and stopped moving in an instant.

Another amazing feature is that scavengers don’t even come close to dead cows. Caracaras and dogs do not want to eat carrion.

This is the third case in a relatively short period of time. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the farmer also found the other two cows in this part of the field. The field is located at a distance of about 400 meters from the road and in close proximity to the houses of other villagers.

Hugo noted that if this happens once, then it can be perceived as an accident. But three cases in a row make you think. In addition, the killing of cows caused a very noticeable economic loss for the man.

In all cases, the animals were left without organs and there were no traces of either people or animals around. What is even more surprising is that the cows were perfectly healthy.

The farmer added that it is usually seen when something starts to happen to the animals. They eat worse and lie constantly.

In these cases, there was nothing of the kind. So far, Hugo has not informed the authorities or the police that his cows have been attacked, but he is going to install security cameras in this part of the field as soon as possible.

Locals believe that it could be a chupacabra – a kind of mythical creature that drinks the blood of domestic animals through small punctures. In many countries of Southern Argentina, this mysterious creature is the cause of a wide variety of attacks on animals living on farms. Because of such cases, more and more people begin to believe in chupacabra.


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