Famous wooden hut fell down the mountain in the Alps

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(ORDO NEWS) — A landslide caused the iconic small mountain hut Bivouac Alberico, located in the Alps, to fall and crash into a glacier.

The hut, also known as the Bivouac de la Fourche, fell off the southwest slope of Mont Maudie, in the Mont Blanc massif, France last week. There were no reports of casualties.

According to Le Figaro, some climatologists have blamed the collapse of the shelter on global warming, causing ice in the Alps to melt and mountains to crumble. At the site of the fall, debris is scattered across the rocky ledges.

The tiny mountain shelter, built in 1935, could accommodate 15 people and was a popular stop for climbers in the Mont Blanc region.

The hut has not been used since mid-July, as it was deemed unsafe due to rising temperatures and increased rockfalls in the area.

In recent years, climbers and locals have warned that the Alps are becoming increasingly unstable.
Ecologists say that rising temperatures and melting glaciers are to blame, causing serious erosion at various peaks of the famous mountain range.

Over the past 120 years, temperatures in the Alps have risen by almost 2°C, twice the global average.


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