Famous tattoos and their interpretations

(ORDO NEWS) — As you know, celebrities who have become famous in a particular area are distinguished by some kind of talents – someone plays well in films, someone composes music perfectly, etc. Moreover, many of them also differ in appearance, in particular, interesting tattoos. Below is a list of tattoos of famous people and their meaning.

Strange inscriptions on Angelina Jolie’s shoulder blades:

When it comes to celebrity tattoos, Angelina Jolie almost always stands alone in this topic, and is not easy. The bottom line is that the famous Hollywood actress once covered all her shoulder blades with some strange hieroglyphs. However, the tattoos of Brad Pitt’s ex-wife seem to be mysterious, incomprehensible or even not having any interpretation at all only at first glance. In fact, they have a huge and at the same time rather simple meaning – these are the coordinates of the birthplaces of her adopted and native children.

Jolie also mentioned that she enjoys watching the tattoo artist work. Tattoo sketches only Victoria can consider for several hours, which the celebrity has talked about more than once in an interview. Angelina is known to have other tattoos as well, but they do not seem as interesting to the public as the drawing on her back.

Carey Mulligan’s wrist drawing:

Carey Mulligan, in turn, is not a big fan of painting too many parts of her body, but her small tattoo on her wrist haunted the media for a long time and was a topic for fans who could not understand what the actress was trying to say with this picture in the form seagulls.

But now it is known that the blonde got this tattoo right after she played in 2007 at the theater Nina Zarechnaya – the main character of Chekhov’s “The Seagull”. From this, it is not so difficult to conclude that the tattoo is dedicated to this particular legendary work.

Victoria Beckham’s famous back tattoo:

The tattoo that flaunts on the back of singer Victoria Beckham, who is also the wife of former England football midfielder David Beckham. On the back of the star it is written that she “belongs to her beloved man, and he belongs to her.” This is a famous quote from The Song of Solomon.

It should be noted that her husband also has a similar tattoo. It is curious that representatives of the press have already reported many times about their imminent divorce, but these rumors have never been confirmed, and these tattoos still remain on their bodies.


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