Famous sword swallower cut himself from the inside and survived

(ORDO NEWS) — Scott Nelson has been doing dangerous stunts for a quarter of a century.

Sword swallower from San Diego, California, Scott Nelson, cut himself while performing a difficult trick and survived. The American is considered a world star, WHAS reports.

It is noteworthy that Nelson has been absorbing swords, swords and rapiers for 25 years. However, while performing the five-sword absorption trick, he became ill. He was urgently hospitalized.

“I knew I was in big trouble… I really thought I was going to die,” Nelson said after the incident.

Doctors found out that during the trick the magician damaged the liver and lung, part of which he had to remove.

During recovery, he was put into a coma, and upon completion of rehabilitation, he declared that he would no longer swallow swords.

It is reported that during his long career as an extreme magician, he was only slightly injured once.

According to media reports, this happened when he was just beginning to comprehend all the intricacies of the case.

After that, Nelson performed tricks with sharp objects without blots, but this time he still had no luck.

In Brazil, a variety show host nearly burned to death while performing a stunt. He tried to repeat the trick after one of the participants.


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