Famous mathematician predicted the beginning of the war and the end of the coronavirus pandemic

(ORDO NEWS) — Mathematician Sediq Afghan has created a formula that can supposedly calculate the probability of events 50 years ahead. He brought her out at an early age.

Similar mathematical formulas that help calculate the probability of an event have existed for a long time. The French alchemist Nostradamus addressed them.

Today, the mathematician Sediq Afghan is working with a similar mechanism, claiming that he knew in advance that Barack Obama would become president, and that the coronavirus would come to our world for a long time.

On February 15, on Channel One, the mathematician was asked to calculate the probability of war in the coming years and the end date of the coronavirus.

Under the guns of the cameras, he draws a formula on the board for a long time, explaining what was written along the way, but no one understood the thoughts of a genius. As a result, quite coldly, Afghan made a short forecast and turned to the audience.

“You didn’t let me predict the future. They didn’t let me add up the whole series of numbers. Let me tell you that 2025 is a turning point for the entire world.

There will be no war until 2025, ”said the mathematician.Another problem has recently been added to the coronavirus pandemic that worries the whole world.

For more than a month, Europe and America have been living in anticipation of a Russian attack on Ukraine. Western media and politicians are spreading information about the beginning of the war and the pulling of Russian soldiers to the border regions. The Kremlin denies such accusations.


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