Famous clairvoyants predicted the appearance of the killer virus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — When the predictions come true, people begin to turn to them with special interest. It is clear that in the obscure formulations of ancient prophecies, one can find an explanation for anything. Naturally, lovers of everything anomalous immediately found prophecies about the deadly coronavirus. But what do the famous fortune tellers promise?


It’s no secret that Grigory Rasputin was an almost mystical figure in the history of our country. Even during his life he was considered a clairvoyant. He had a tremendous influence on the royal family. Rasputin was able to foresee how he would die, how the Russian Empire would fall, and then the USSR. Rasputin even predicted the tragedy at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. His fans even found in his notes a prediction of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rasputin speaks of this virus (if it is), as a punishment that fell on all people for a sinful life and for equality. According to his prophecy, when women dress like men and men like women, when Sodom and Gomorrah come to earth again, humanity will see Death, which rides on a white horse.

Did Rasputin say what will happen to humanity and when will the peak of the pandemic come? The mystic said that this virus will destroy a great many people. A huge number of dead bodies will be stacked in the square, people will die in millions. Big cities will not have time to bury people, and many villages will die out completely. And there will be no cure for the white plague. In the near future it will become clear whether Rasputin’s prediction will come true.



When it comes to predictions, almost never does without Wang. It turned out that the Bulgarian seer saw a pandemic back in 1995. In one of the programs on the central channel, the close Wangi spoke about her prophecy. It says that in a double year (it seems, 2020) a poisonous yellow fog will swallow the planet.

The rich will not be saved. The fog will not spare anyone, in the face of death everyone will be equal, both the poor and the rich. Salvation in a cedar cone that grows in Siberia. Is it possible that a vaccine for a terrible disease is in a pine cone? Or does it contain some kind of healing substance? Fans of predictions think that it says that the “antidote” from the virus will be found in Russia in the near future, closer to mid-May.


All the prophecies of a pharmacist from France were made half a millennium ago. But scholars and lovers of mysticism are still debating about his poetic prophecies – quatrains. His predictions are very vague, they can be adjusted to almost any disaster, any catastrophe.

Usually, people turn to his prophecies during large-scale events, such as World War II, the flight of the first person outside the Earth, the Kennedy assassination. As a rule, these predictions are sought after something serious has happened. In the same way, poems were found about the virus that is raging now. According to the prophecy of Nostradamus, the great plague in the city near the sea will not stop until revenge for the death and blood of the righteous happens.

Where is the logic? It is worth considering the facts. An outbreak of coronavirus first occurred in Wuhan. But it is not a seaside city. However, the null patient arrived at the hospital from the fish market – this is an indication of the sea. It remains unclear what kind of righteous man whose death must be avenged. What did Nostradamus say about the future of humanity? His predictions are very disappointing.

A prophecy was found in prophetic verses about Italy, which says that a cure for the virus can not be found for a long time, although the answer is almost at hand. The prophecy says that four Italian cities will suffer the most, swords far away, and the earth will become wet from spilled blood. A huge plague will be near the big fault, salvation is near, the vaccine is far.


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