Family found in their apartment a passage to a secret room where someone lived

(ORDO NEWS) — A family from the United States lived in an apartment for ten years and found on the ceiling in the dressing room a passage to a secret room where someone lived. It is reported by The Mirror.

“Mom sat me down and told me that there was an attic in our dressing room that we didn’t know about and wasn’t listed on the lease,” said TikTok user Sasha Jones.

Because of this discovery, the family decided to move out of the apartment they rented for ten years within two weeks.

The attic can be accessed by sliding the tiles on the dressing room ceiling. “It is really heavy, but someone opened it from the top and moved it to the side.

It is almost impossible to open it from the inside, but when I sent my brother there, he saw a bed, a chest of drawers, sheets and a pair of shoes, ”said the woman.

Everything was covered with dust, in which someone’s footprints were visible leading from the bed to her room.

Jones recalled having bouts of sleep paralysis, nightmares, and sleepwalking as a teenager. But since they moved, all this has stopped.

According to the woman, she and her family still do not have answers to the question of what kind of secret room it is. They never returned to that apartment.

Earlier it became known that the TikTok user @stinknjeepn spoke about the secret room found in the purchased house. The room turned out to be a doomsday shelter, where everything needed was stored.


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