Factor that increases the development of dementia by 73%

(ORDO NEWS) — The older a person gets, the worse his cognitive functions begin to work. Some people have only minor memory problems. Others begin to suffer from dementia. This disease implies a decrease in cognitive activity of a progressive nature. A person begins to gradually lose the knowledge and skills that he possessed earlier.

Experts are trying to establish which factors are most influencing the development of dementia. The results of the new study were published in the journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Scientists have found that there is a fairly strong link between dementia and depression.

Experts from the University of California conducted an experiment in which over 15 thousand people of different ages took part. All of them were divided into three groups – young age up to 49 years old, average up to 69 years old, and elderly. A survey was conducted to assess the presence of signs of depression .

The data obtained was carefully analyzed. Then the volunteers were monitored for 11 years. The results showed that people who suffered from depression in their youth had a 73% higher risk of developing depression in old age. If the depressive state was observed in middle age, then the risk of dementia is 43% higher.

Experts believe that due to the hyperactivity of the nervous system, there is an increased production of stress hormones. This provokes damage to the hippocampus. This part of the brain is responsible not only for the formation, but also for the long-term storage of memories.


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