F-22 received stealth hanging containers

(ORDO NEWS) — The fifth-generation American fighter F-22 received underwing containers designed to meet stealth requirements. Their purpose is unknown.

An F-22 fighter belonging to the 411th Test Squadron was spotted with new hanging containers. The photos were taken by spotter James Reeder in Palmdale, California.

The purpose of the containers is unknown, but the very fact of their installation suggests that work on improving the capabilities of the F-22 is not stopped and the United States does not want to abandon the aircraft in the foreseeable future.

F 22 received stealth hanging containers 2

Recall that earlier the Americans announced their intention to equip the fighter with infrared search and tracking sensors (Infrared search and track, IRST), which will also make it possible to more effectively deal with fifth-generation fighters.

How exactly the new equipment will be placed is not specified: perhaps the choice was made in favor of a hanging container.

This approach, with all the advantages, has one drawback: it increases the radar visibility of the aircraft, and this may affect its combat effectiveness. In the published photos, the containers have a stealth-like shape, which partially compensates for the “harm”.


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